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Purebreds have predictable physical characteristics

Many of their genes are "fixed," as in "no options." For example, all Golden Retrievers have fixed genes for medium/large size, silky coat, and golden color. You cannot get a 20-pound Golden, a sleek-coated
Golden, or a spotted Golden. These genes are not present in any parents in the breed.

When you see a purebred puppy, you have a pretty good idea of what he will look like as an adult.
If you want a certain size dog, or a certain type of coat (short, silky, non-shedding), you can choose a purebred who has those characteristics.

Some physical characteristics (like "medium-large" and "silky coat" and "golden color") can be expressed in different ways. Medium-large may turn out to be 55 pounds or 85 pounds -- that's a big difference! A silky coat could be fairly short and easy to brush, or heavily feathered and prone to tangling. Golden color can be pale cream, medium gold, or dark red.
Be prepared for variations within a breed.



In fact, in many breeds there are different types, which look very different from each other. For example, Beagles bred for the show ring look so different from Beagles bred for hunting, they almost appear to be different breeds.
Other popular breeds that come in different types include Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers, Pomeranians, and many more.
You can't look at a few photos of a breed and assume that all members of the breed look like that. With some breeds, you have to know what type you want.



The breeder matters. Only skilled breeders with some knowledge of genetics can predict how one dog's genes will combine with another dog's genes, and thus, what the puppies should turn out to look like.
If you really want your dog to look a certain way, you have to search for breeders who have proven they can consistently produce such dogs.


The physical characteristics (short face, long body, giant build) found in some dog breeds are associated with increased health problems and/or a short lifespan.
If this risk is okay with you, fine. Just so you're aware.



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