野兽也温柔 美丛林野猪变身超萌宠物

日期:2012年4月1日 11:35

       野兽也温柔 美丛林野猪变身超萌宠物

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    'Ferocious' boars who roam the Forest of Dean transformed into lovable piggies who will eat out of tourists' hands   


    As wild boar go, this lot don’t seem very wild at all.   


    Hundreds now live in the Forest of Dean, where several are happy to take food from visitors’ hands and even accept a stroke on the snout.   


    Rangers at the Gloucestershire beauty spot warn that animal lovers should beware because boar can be aggressive and cause serious injury.   


    But David Slater, who took these photographs, insists that the creatures pose no threat.   

    但是,拍下这些照片的David Slater坚持认为这些生物是不会对人造成威胁的。   

   ‘There have been no attacks on humans in the UK to date, and this year not even a dog has been reported injured by boar,’ he said.   


 ‘Compare this with how many people are injured by or fear dogs, and fear of wild boar is completely out of proportion.’   


    The boar community has flourished in the forest after up to 350 escaped from a farm a decade ago and others were illegally dumped by the side of a road.


    Experts say all the surviving animals and their descendants are now wild, and to avoid the population doubling every year the animals are subject to a carefully managed cull.   


    Another visitor said: ‘Some of the tamer ones seem unconcerned by humans approaching them, and seem as curious about us as we are about them. I have seen people feeding them by hand, and they seem to like the attention.   


    ‘They look as comfortable as pets, probably because lots were raised on farms and got used to people. However, you never know what could happen with an animal this size.’   


    The forest’s chief wildlife ranger Ian Harvey, says staying well clear of them will reduce the chance of wild boar losing their natural instinct for caution around people.   

    森林的野生动物主管Ian Harvey说:“保持清醒的了解这些动物会降低野猪对人类小心谨慎的自然本能的风险。”   

    Mr Slater admits boar can be aggressive to protect their young, just like cows or deer, but claims the cull is going too far with even suckling mothers and piglets being shot.   


    However Mt Harvey responded: ‘We are not aiming to eradicate wild boar in the Forest of Dean. Our management objective is to reduce the potential for adverse interaction between the boar and people it is not to eradicate the boar.’   

    但是Mt Harvey回应说:“我们并没有打算消灭掉迪恩森林里的野猪。我们的管理目标是减少野猪和人类的不良互动的潜在风险,而不是要屠杀它们。”

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